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Recent case studies show that an average smartphone user had 40 apps installed on their mobile phone. At this point, no one should have to tell you that importance of using mobile apps to enhance one’s experience with their favorite service. Mobile phone users are acclimated to using mobile apps for social media, restaurants, home searches, maps, weather, email, news, and more. The BIG question is whether YOUR BUSINESS is capitalizing on a market that expected to eclipse more than $589 billion in revenue. Not only does mobile apps enhance user experience with customer products and services, but it helps businesses build client attracting brands while providing valuable marketing insight. Additional benefits are measurements of consumer behavior, market segmentation analysis, and the opportunity for real time customer feedback. Our agency uses strategies for customer acquisition and retention through PUSH NOTIFICATIONS. In app push notifications allow our agency to track actionable metrics, provide re-engagement to increase conversion rates. Market Square Resources goal is to help your business create brand consistency within IOS and Android smart phones for the purpose of developing useful content with new promotions, offers, friendly reminders for birthday wishes and anniversaries.

Mobile Apps drive sales and build business brands.

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Highlights of Mobile App Features

Push Notifications for new Promotions, Offers, friendly reminders for Birthday Wishes, Anniversaries and more.
Videos, Image Galleries, Products, and Services
Full Ecommerce Integration
SMS Integration and Payment Gateways
Appointment Planner
Mobile SEO, Google Maps, and more.... 

Benefits of Mobile Apps for Small Businesses

Deeper and enriching engagement with the Consumers 
Brand building, presence and awareness among consumers 
Measurable determination of consumer behavior 
Personalized and Targeted segment of consumers 
One to one communication with real time feedback 
Mobile app marketing utilizes smart devices as marketing platforms as more than half of the world population is now familiar with the internet and downloading apps daily. So, businesses are using this opportunity and spending on mobile app advertisement that, according to some stats, was over $275.8 billion in 2020, and the number of apps downloaded worldwide in 2020 was 218 billion.

Mobile app marketing is a profitable industry, and Market Square makes sure to help you capitalize on that rising demand for app content. Our specialists use their years of experience in the digital marketing industry to offer increased app downloads and user acquisition. We don't think that there is any set formula for mobile app marketing; that's why we make customizable marketing campaigns according to your brand.

We understand the power law of Google Play and the App Store, and we will make sure to rank your mobile app to increase the app installs however we also focus on PWA which are reserved for faster access without waiting for the approvals from the Google Play and App Store.. Our mobile app marketing services include consulting, prelaunch marketing, consulting, effective app monetizing, and app optimizing to increase conversions and revenue.

 The technologies we use for app marketing are social media, content marketing, Ad Mob, remarketing, Google Ad words, video advertising, Google Analytics, DeepLink, and app store optimizer to generate the desired results for you. 

Customer Acquisition 

It continues to be the primary goal for existing & new marketing initiatives over the last two years. 

Stimulate user engagement....
Re-engage/retain users....
Increase conversion rates....
Target the right users....
Track actionable metrics....
Enhance brand consistency....
Improve your customer care strategy with useful content.
Enhance Your User Experience
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